Sustain-abilities: understanding the plurality of practice with Dr Gareth Abrahams

What is sustainability? Exploring whether one understanding of sustainable design is equally held by all members of the design team. 

What does the M+E consultant, the project manager and the structural engineer understand as a ‘sustainable’ design decision and how do they believe they can actively engage in such decisions? How does this fit with current movements in benchmarking and what are clients actually looking for? 

Drawing on published research Sheppard Robson, Dr Gareth Abrahams will present his findings at ArchitEx and show ways in which this insight can help improve the way we work as a team and how it might change the way we set out our sustainability agenda; an agenda that shifts us from sustainability to sustain-abilities.

Gareth Abrahams is the author of Making use of Deleuze in planning [published Taylor and Francis 2016] and has published a number of peer-reviewed academic papers covering a range of topics from Realist philosophy to European spatial planning and Australian planning approval processes. 

Gareth has used his research skills to help direct a set of unique and innovative research projects undertaken by the Sheppard Robson sustainability group. More broadly, Gareth is developing a research agenda that examines and contributes to the philosophical ideas that underpin the design and assessment processes in architecture and planning.

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