Sarah Fox

Author at 500-Word Contract

Sarah Fox is an international speaker, trainer and contract strategist.

She helps construction companies write simpler contracts to build strong trusting relationships and successful projects. As a lawyer with 20 years’ experience writing, adapting, advising and training on construction contracts, her ‘Eureka’ moment came when she realized no-one really understood what they meant. And all this while nursing a strong espresso and putting the world of contracts to rights at Euston station…

Despite the ubiquity of standard form construction contracts, disputes in the global construction industry are getting longer and more costly. Users have neither the time nor inclination to read the long and staggeringly complex T&C, and do not trust them to help the project become a success.

With simplicity as her aim, she created a fully-functional construction contract in just 500 words – a new paradigm in trust-based and collaborative contracts. She is the author of a series of 500-Word Contracts™ for the construction industry.
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